Temple Pic.

Temple Pic.
Tegucigalpa, Honduras Temple

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 26 2014

This week I got my first package from my family and it was so wonderful! I also recieved a bunch of letters full of kind, encouraging words so thank you too all!! :) This week one of our investigators had a bunch of baby chicks finally hatch and she was so excited. When we got there she showed us this very first and then had us spit on two of our fingers and pet the top of its head.... apparently this is a 'good luck' thing that they do here. It was kind funny. Also, some more exciting news is that we get to go to the temple in Tegucigalpa on the 29th this week. I'm so excited, but it will definitely be a little different seeing that the session is going to be completely in Spanish!

Last week at a reunion we had one of our elders spoke a little bit about being humble. He said that one day he was talking to his brother and told him that a Narcissist (or however you spell that) only thinks of himself and a person with low self-esteem doesn't think of himself enough, but that a humble person has the perfect balance between them both. His brother looked at him and said no, A person that is truly humble doesn't think of himself at all and is always looking out for other people and for the will of God. I really liked this a lot, because it is super direct and there is no room to misinterpret. When we truly humble ourselves we only want what God wants and we don't confuse our wants and desires with what God would have us do. This week my companion and I really humbled ourselves in prayer before the Lord for one of our investigators that told us that she wasn't ready for baptism (even though we knew she really was) and that very next lesson we had with her she accepted a date to be baptized! Her name is Norma, I learned through this experience with Hermana Norma that through specific, sincere prayer miracles are wrought to pass.

I love you all so much and I love my work here. Remember that if you ever feel alone or that you need a friend, that your father in heaven is always there to support you in your trials. Alma 36:3

Much Love,

Hermana Hansen

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