Temple Pic.

Temple Pic.
Tegucigalpa, Honduras Temple

Monday, October 6, 2014

Playing Monopoly with my district

October 6 2014

This general conference was amazing! It was so spiritually uplifting and I heard and learned a few things that I think were directly meant for me or my investigators. I got to watch 3 of the 4 sessions, and even better in English with an Hermana named Belkiss! She is so great and I am grateful that she could watch it with me. I loved when Neil L Anderson quoted our prophet saying "...No force in the entire world can stop the work of God." This is something that I have to remind myself often when things don't turn out how I thought or hoped they would have. For example, this Saturday we were supposed to have a baptism, but our investigator didn't show up to the conference or to his baptism that was going to happen afterwards. I was pretty upset and heart-broken, which I think is a sign that I have gained a true love for all of my investigators in this area. But, the closing hymn of the Sunday morning session has a line that hit me pretty hard. It says, "Fear not I am with thee oh be not dismayed; For I am thy God and will still give thee aid." That was exactly what I needed to hear to feel the love and comfort from my savior that everything was going to be alright. Also, President Monson stressed the importance of walking AS Christ. In our path we will find bitter sorrow, but also great happiness and joy. However, to we must strive to place Christ in the center of our lives.  I hope you all got the opportunity to hear the words of our beloved prophet and his apostles and learned something that will bring you closer to our savior Jesus Christ. I know with all my heart that this church is true and that it was restored through Joseph Smith. I know that Thomas S. Monson is our true and living prophet on the earth today and that his words are the words of God. If we heed the words of our prophet I know that we will witness miracles and witness important changes in our lives. I share this small portion of my testimony with you in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. 
With Much Love,

Hermana Hansen