Temple Pic.

Temple Pic.
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Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12 2014

This week went by so fast!! I was so glad it did, because I got to talk to my wonderful family on the phone yesterday evening! So now for the exciting adventures of the week. First off, one night this week my companion and I came home and I went into the bathroom to find a huge spider up on our wall. But, the worst part wasn't there was this huge spider, but that it was so far up the wall neither of us could reach it to kill it. So, I went to bed that night just waiting to be devoured by this nasty, old spider. Luckily, the next day I found him in a different part of our casa and took care of him. So, none of you need to worry about my companion or me being eaten by this spider :)

This thursday I had inter-cambios with our sister trainers and they actually went really well. Even with a bit of a language barrier hna Patzan and I were able to find a new family. Every inter-cambio I believe there is at least one main lesson that needs to be learned. This time I learned the importance of talking to everyone, because if we hadn't we wouldn't have found our wonderful new family. As a result of that lesson my actual companion and I were able to find 2 other new families yesterday, so now we've got 3 new families that we've just started teaching. It was definitely a happy ending to this week.

But with the ups there are always a few downs. We had an investigator named norma who was progressing so well with her son Antonio and so we decided to invite them (again) to be baptized this week. When we did she just told us that she loves what we teach and she is slowly starting to understand the Book of Mormon, but she doesn't want to play with God and be baptized into another church. It was pretty heartbreaking. She's still going to allow us to come and teach and read with her from the Book of Mormon, but I guess it's just not quite her time yet.

This week I learned (again) the importance of prayer, and not just prayer, but specific prayer. We had been praying all week to blessed with a new family and we prayed diligently, every day, multiple times to find a new family. And like I already mentioned we were blessed with 3 beautiful, new families. The lesson here is that God does hear and answer prayers. But the trick is, we actually have to take the time to kneel down and ask him for the things that we need or tell him of our problems if we want his help. Prayer truly is so powerful and I have seen many, many blessings come from constant prayer here on my mission. I love you all so much and am grateful for you. You are always in my prayers! I hope you all have a wonderful week and hope that everyone had a wonderful mother's day!


Love Always,

Hermana Hansen

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