Temple Pic.

Temple Pic.
Tegucigalpa, Honduras Temple

Monday, April 28, 2014

These are our two baptisms! (Wilmer y Jose Luis) And this is the waterfall that we hiked to this morning!

This week has been full of such excitment and I can't wait to share it with you guys! First off, I had my first Interchange this week with a latina hermana named Hna Fuentes. I was so so nervous, because I knew that I would have to be speaking Spanish the whole time! But, I got there and realized that I know a lot more Spanish than I think I do. I think it helped me realize that the Gift of Tongues is real and God really does bless you when you're doing his work. Ah, also they finally finished repairing and painting our house. I think they are only coming back one more day to finish some painting on the outside and today we speant our morning cleaning out the inside. It finally feels like nice, clean little house. I'll have to take a picture when they're all done and send it so you can all see our cute little house.

This week we also had our first baptism in our District. It was the Elder's baptism and here they let us to baptisms in the Cascadas (waterfalls)! It was so beautiful and only a few people were there, but the service was very sweet and spiritual. I just hope that I get to have a baptism there with one of my investigators one day. But, not worry because Hna. Casiano and I had our first set of baptisms this Sunday! It was of two brothers. Wilmer and Jose Luis, one of them is `11 and the other is 13. There mom can't get baptised right now, because she needs to marry the man she's living with first, but she is so sweet and so supportive of her two boys. It was such a happy day and I look forward to bringing more people unto Christ like that. Also, the boys were so funny when we brought over the white jumpsuits for them to try on. they both went inside tried them on, took pictures, and then came out to show us. They were so happy and I loved seeing them all in white.

Now, for the funny story of the week. This week Maria (the mom of the two baptisms) turned 36. So, Hna Casiano and I bought this beautifully decorated cake to take her to help celebrate her birthday! We got to her house sang to her, and then she said thank you and took the cake and put it on her counter.... Needless to say we were there teaching for an hour and we didn't even get to try one little peice of the cake! It was like torture! But, not to worry it just means we'll have to buy another one sometime. Well, I love you all so much and pray for you. I hope you all have a wonderful week.


Much Love,

Hermana Hansen

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