Temple Pic.

Temple Pic.
Tegucigalpa, Honduras Temple

Wednesday, February 26, 2014




I feel like this week I have just been loaded with doctrine and spiritual inspiration. It has been crazy! It is also crazy that today is my halfway mark being at the CCM which is definitely a bittersweet feeling. I'm so excited to get out to Honduras and actually teach real investigators, but I am definitely not ready to leave the people here! Especially my companion. Once we leave the CCM I won't get to see her until we are both back from our missions, because she will be headed to Nicaragua!

This week we had something called TRC which is where they put us in a room with an investigator we know nothing about and we had to get to know them and practice the principles of Beginning to Teach a Lesson. Anyway, my companion and I got put in a room with a sweet little Hispanic woman named Hermana Lopez! I was so excited to start teaching her until we asked her the first question.... Her Spanish was so fast and she had such a heavy accent that me and Hermana Grow could hardly understand anything she was saying to us! So anytime either of us understood a few words or a phrase we would jump in and make a comment about that! It was so, so difficult, but definitely a good experience for the both of us.

In relief society this week Hermana Pratt (The CCM President's wife) taught about Christ-like attributes and discovering the Character of Christ. Her lesson was absolutely amazing! She showed us this 3 minute video from the LDS youth website. It was either called Christ like attributes or Character of Christ, but either way it was awesome! There are no words just music in the background and it shows clips from the Bible movies that the church put out. It is such a powerful, spiritual video and if any of you have time to look it up I would definitely recommend it! Also later that night for the movie they played an older devotional by Elder Bednar called the Character of Christ. It is one of the most inspiring and motivating devotional I have ever watched. He talks about how it is not enough to just have a testimony of the church, but that we must become converted unto the Lord in order to never fall away. It was a big reminder that we are all going to go through hard things in life, but sometimes it's not all about us... sometimes it's more important to by aware of the feelings and situations of the people around us. Our problems and trials are only a small piece of the tapestry of life. As you help others you will be strengthened in the Lord and become converted unto him. Again if you ever have some free time this is another good video to look up!

I feel like I have so much more spiritual knowledge to share with you from this week alone, but I can tell you about it all day long and it won't help or change anyone unless they choose for themselves to act on the promptings of the spirit. I am still loving my stay here at the CCM and am so glad to be where I am. The workers and Latino missionaries are always so kind and always willing to help us out with our Spanish if we just take the time to ask them. And most of the time they are trying to learn English as well so they will ask about a few words and phrases. Spanish is still hard, but every week I am getting better and better at speaking it. I enjoy all the e-mails and support I receive each week. The Lord definitely blesses his missionaries!


With much love,


Hermana Hansen

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