Temple Pic.

Temple Pic.
Tegucigalpa, Honduras Temple

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dear Famalia,

I feel like I have been at the CCM (Spanish for MTC) forever, but it has only been one week! Well I have to tell you about my very first crazy experience here. After flying and riding a bus all day on Wed. I finally made it to the CCM! And the first thing they did was give us our name tags!!! Once you have your tag you feel like you are actually a missionary! Anyway, after that we had to go visit with the Doctor and make sure we had all of our immunizations. Turns out I needed a flu shot and a Hep. B booster. They took me behind this little curtain and the cutest little Mexican man prepared me for my shots. He gave me the flu shot with no problems, but the Hep. B booster was a whole other story! As soon as he gave it to me I had this tingley feeling fill my entire body and he kept asking me if I was okay! The blood had just drained from my face and I felt like I was going to faint! But no worries, because the cute little Mexican assistant took me by the had and sat my down somewhere and another guy brought me this delicious cranberry juice, some water, and two apples. After a few minutes I tried to tell them that I was fine, but they still made me sit there for like 20 whole minutes!! But now I am totally fine and have had no problems since! My compeñera's name is Hermana Grow and she is the cutest little red head I have ever met! She is always so happy and she has been such a blessing to me. We are always planning for the next day or preparing our lessons and she is so so patient with me and helps me with my Español! In short... I absolutely love her.

Now about the food... Each meal we have a few choices so usually I am able to find something that I can eat! But breakfast is my absolute favorite, because every day they have a nutella/peanut butter toast bar and it is fabulous! I didn't actually like nutella much before I came, but I love it now! Also every Tues. night is pizza night so we get Costco pizza which is also quite delicious! Anyway, enough about the food. I love being here, but that does not mean it is easy. Having no Spanish background I struggle learning the language a lot, but thanks to my compeñera and my teacher I am getting much much better!

Now for a little lesson I've learned... The first day we had a sweet hermana come in and teach part of our class. The thing that she said that hit me the most was "Haga algo más!" which means "Do something more!" I have tried to make that my moto while I am in the CCM. When I am having a rough day or struggling with the language I just remind myself to Do something more! And once I take my focus off of what I am feeling and turn it to the other missionaries in my District that are also struggling my day goes so much better! I want to extend that message to all of you as well! When you think you have it bad or you're just having a rough day just remember that if you focus on the edges the middle will take care of itself. In other words, focus on those around you and the God will take care you! Well I love you all so so much! Te Amo!


-Hermana Hansen

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